Craft Beer Virgins

Oct 25, 2016

Many people are discovering Craft Beer for the first time.  If they drank Big Beer, like Miller, Coors, or Bud; this person is worried the flavor will be too much.  If they are a wine drinker and wanted to learn about Craft Beer, here is a couple of things to think about.

There are many recognized beer styles by the Brewer’s Association. Some of these styles are common and well known but there are many that are less available and tougher to find at your local brewery or craft beer retailer. With some basic style descriptions your beer knowledge will help you search out the beers that have flavors that appeal to you.

American-Style Golden or Blonde Ales are a great place to start if you are new to craft beer or just want a beer that’s refreshing and not too high in alcohol. They are straw to golden blonde in color, with mild malt sweetness and low to medium hop bitterness. Golden, or Blonde ales can be found at most brew pubs with quite a few packaged versions available in retail. I really enjoy this style as these ales are very drinkable yet still have a lot more flavor than the mass-produced beers on the market.  For Wolf Creek, this is our Golden Eagle!

American-Style Pale Ale is one of my favorite styles of beer (although I have many favorites) and is readily available at breweries and retail outlets. A great example of this style is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which was at the infancy of the craft beer revolution. Pale Ales can range in color from deep golden to copper in color. This style is characterized by fruity, floral, and citrus hop flavor profiles with medium to medium-high hop bitterness. They are medium in body with a light caramel malt flavor which helps to balance the bitterness from the hops.   Try Wolf Creek’s Desperado.

Enjoy craft-brewed beer as life’s too short to drink the bland stuff!   Cheers!

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