America’s Most Popular Beer Style

Mar 8, 2016

As more and more Americans fall in love with Craft Beer one style has risen to the top in terms of popularity. This style is India Pale Ale, or IPA, and by far is American’s favorite Craft Beer. With so many different beer styles it’s amazing that IPA’s are consistently the top selling beer style year after year! The Wolf Creek Desperado IPA is one of our top beers as well.

In basic terms, IPA’S are brewed with pale malt, have a strong hop profile, sometimes quite a bit of bitterness, and higher alcohol compared to other styles. IPA’s today really put the emphasis on the hops and the many different flavor and aroma qualities of these hops. There are many different types of hops (the flowering cones of a perennial vine) and each hop type is unique in its contributions to the beer. Some of the many profiles of different hop varieties are citrus, pine, tropical, herbal, and melon just to name a few.

The great thing about the Craft Beer scene today is that creative brewers are pushing the boundaries of IPA’S and have created unique versions of India Pale Ales. There are double or imperial IPA’s, white IPA’s (Wolf Creek Winter

Wonderland), black IPA’s, red IPA’s, rye IPA’s along with many more variations. The big reason I feel that IPA has become the most popular beer style comes down to their extreme amount of flavor. IPA’s have a huge flavor profile and are definitely not the bland, mass produced “mega beers”. Craft Brewers are a rebellious bunch and their IPA’s are a testament to why Craft Beer is so popular. IPA’s are unique, bold, and very flavorful beers which are taking the country by storm! Cheers!

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